Our Services

Whitehall Advisory Group is a boutique business advisory practice that identifies "Best Practices" no matter what the product, service or discipline. These are designed to solve problems, issues and challenges for corporations focused largely on cost base reduction methods.

We are remunerated by the vendor, and not by the company which means no expensive outlay for you while your problems are resolved.

  • Expense Management

    Management of expenses including bill payment is a sum that the accounts payable division bears that can be substantial. Whitehall Advisory Group offers products and services that can save up to 60% of the Accounts Payable cost. We make the expense management process much more efficient with reporting in real time which automatically generates an additional revenue stream for the corporation.

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  • Health Insurance

    The ever-changing world of health insurance calls for extraordinary talents to not only keep up with the imminent changes at the federal level but also at the same time design a comprehensive healthcare plan at an affordable cost and that is sustainable. Whitehall Advisory Group provides that talent to execute, deliver and sustain services and resources that satisfy a corporation's needs in this highly complex field.

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  • Fleet Management

    It has been a constant challenge for all fleet operators to meet the challenges of whether they have the most efficient vehicles for the job at hand and then how best to manage them and their drivers. From buying to leasing depends as much on the corporation's balance sheet as it does the vehicles' purpose. Fuel efficiency to onboard diagnostics has to be precisely evaluated to ensure maximum efficiencies at low cost. Whitehall Advisory Group works closely with the best in the business.

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